BHARATI HOSPITAL is a 200-beded, multi-specialty Hospital located in Saraipali town of Mahasamund District (Chhattisgarh). The foundation was laid by Mr. Viswajit Gupta under guidance of Shri Jaynarayan Gupta & Dr. Bharat Kumar Gupta with a view to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical services, at par with Corporate Hospitals for the general public.

Within a radius of 60 km surrounding Saraipali, with a population of about 10 lakhs , there is virtually no basic, healthcare facility. There are many situations where the local people have suffered due to lack of immediate, medical attention or regular and timely monitoring. This was frequently happening on account of distance, non-availability of transportation, lack of healthcare facilities and financial inability to access emergency health facilities. We have now attempted to mitigate this problem by providing healthcare services to the under-served surroundings of SARAIPALI, for all sections, with proper infrastructure, equipment, skilled and experienced doctors and paramedical staff.

Bharati Hospital is ideally located in the heart of the Saraipali town and is easily accessible to the neighboring areas. The Hospital is equipped with the latest, hi-tech, precision instruments, modern infrastructure, good trauma and critical-care facilities, three ‘state of art’ Operation Theatres, latest diagnostic services, comfortable and homely ‘in-patient’ facilities and ambience, ‘round-the-clock’ patient-care and monitoring.

The campus inculcates the facility of Diet canteen along with an eco-friendly atmosphere for the patients , staffs, doctors & attendants. The Hospital shall provide ‘round the clock’ services and will cater to the health needs of the public of the entire SARAIPALI belt of Mahasamund district, Chhattisgarh and other contiguous areas.

Standby power generators with protective ‘Online’ UPS systems have been made available. The Central Sterilization Department, for infection control ,has been established to meet the demands of all departments. A ‘Lift’ facility makes life easier for non-ambulatory patients. A Dialysis unit for kidney ailments is also available for regular, patient treatment. The hospital also provides living-quarters for essential staff such as Doctors and other paramedical staff.

It may be noted that there is no modern, medical diagnostic centre in the in the entire district. To address this lacunae, the hospital has established good, diagnostic services by acquiring advanced diagnostic equipment. This includes radiology, ultrasound, ECG and other automatic Analyzers.

Bharati Hospital hopes to ceaselessly work towards fulfilling its role as a beacon-lamp of hope in this under-served part of Chhattisgarh State.

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