Facilities & Equipment at Bharati Hospital

  • Radiology with 500mA Digital X-Ray and Portable X-Ray unit
  • Advanced Ultrasound Machine, model Logic F6 of General Electric(USA)
  • Digital ECG with latest technology, for providing accurate results
  • PathoLab with advanced, automatic, Analyzer equipment, for precise & speedy Diagnosis
  • Computerized Medical Records & Hospital Management Information System(HMIS)
  • Well-located Nurse Stations & Nurse calling Systems
  • Full-fledged, Physiotherapy facilities, for Patient Rehabilitation
  • Air-conditioned environment for patients and hospital staff
  • Solar Water-Heaters, for 24-hour hot-water supply
  • Standard Operating Procedures followed for quality service and safety of patients.
  • Five-bedded, Emergency Medical Service, with Minor OT for Accident cases(Located on the Kolkata-Mumbai National Highway)
  • 10 Bedded, Intensive Care Unit(ICU), including Neo-natal ICU, with all life saving equipment
  • Four Modern, well-equipped Operation Theatres
  • Separate Wards for men, women and children, with curtains around each bed for privacy.
  • Semi-Private, Private and Deluxe Rooms, fully equipped.
  • Qualified and Experienced medical and paramedical staff in adequate numbers
  • Residential quarters for all classes of employees, to enable provide 24-hour service
  • 24 hour, Pharmacy, Emergency-Care and Ambulance Service
  • Separate “Grievance Cell” for handling ‘Patient Complaints’
  • Dormitory for patients Attendants and Visitors, with food facility
  • Token and Nurse Call systems for effective patient monitoring
  • Quality and Cost-effective treatment at subsidized cost
  • Good Ambience and ventilation
  • Dialysis unit, for Nephrology-care
  • Free Eye surgeries for Rural folk, with Government support
  • Awareness and Wellness Campaigns, for Health and Hygiene
  • Drinking water supply with Reverse-Osmosis(RO) treatment
  • Hospital provides the facility for CT Scan
  • 4D Coller Doppler Ultrasonography
  • Ventilator
  • C-Arm guided Orthopedic Surgery
  • Laproscopy Surgery

Facilities - More Details

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology : Ante-natal Care,Post-natal Care and Gynecology Surgeries.
  • Comprehensive OPD : Multi specialty, Consultations and Surgeries
  • Neonatal & Pediatric I.C.U’S : Incubator, Warmer,
    Phototherapy and Ventilator.
  • Emergency Care Unit : Central Monitor with
    Multi-parameters and Portable X-ray.
  • Operation Theatres C-ARM : Orthopedic Surgeries & Pre/Post Operative Wards
  • Diagnostic Specialties : Ultrasound, X-Ray and E.C.G, Pathology studies,
  • Dialysis : Haemo-Dialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Physiotherapy : IFT, Muscle Stimulation, Traction, Short wave Therapy, Wax Bath.
  • Round the Clock Service : Emergencies, Intensive Care & Pharmacy.
  • Ophthalmology : SICS/Phaco Operations & Optical
  • Inpatient Services : Deluxe, Semiprivate ,Private and General Wards with nursing care.
  • Intensive Care Unit : It is a 10- bedded, ‘state-of the art’ I.C.U facilities, providing multi-parameter hemodynamic monitoring and total ventilator support.
  • CT Scan : CT Scan supporting whole body including head injury diagnosis. Reporting of the same is done by India’s finest radiologists.
  • TMT & ECG : Trade mill test & Electro encephalon gram for Diagnosis of Cardiac problems
  • PFT : Pulmonary Function test for prompt diagnosis of Asthma
  • ABG : To be replaced by Emergency Healthcare services – Provides facility of Ventilators & ABG
  • Audiometry : Useful for deafness tests

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